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Soundtrack Pro Mask Filter?
by Matthew Hahn 9 years ago
Is there a filter for Soundtrack Pro that can make a line of dialog sound like it's being delivered from behind a mask (like a gas mask) I googled "Soundtrack Pro mask filter" and found nothing releva
10 sec Animation - 500 USD
by Tibor Dani 9 years ago
We are creating a WebTV show for family business owners. We need a 10-12 second animated introduction. High def, 3D animation is preferred. Project would start immediately and needs to be finished by
Re: 10 sec Animation - 500 USD
by Matthew Hahn 9 years ago
I am very interested in your project. You may view some of my work at http: grouchobeer I use two commercially licensed 3d animation programs, Moviestorm and iClone. Moviestorm also ha
Open book animation
by Matthew Hahn 11 years ago
Someone wants me to take picture of a book closed and the same book open, and animate the book opening. Can this be done in Motion If so, how Thanks.
Re: Open book animation
by Stephen Smith 11 years ago
Don't forget to break the cover into two parts. The binding and where the binding meets the cover. A thick binding on a old book wouldn't rotate. That little detail will also help sell the effect. Bes
Volunteer animator sought
by Derek Torres 11 years ago
Hello, We are three writers who have been working on a series of sketches and comics, and are looking for someone to help us animate our ideas into a series of 3-5 minute long cartoons. We would like
Re: Volunteer animator sought
by Matthew Hahn 11 years ago
Hello Derek: I saw your ad and was intrigued. I do machinima in three engines that are commercially viable-- Moviestorm, iClone, and CrazyTalk. You may check out my ouevre at http: grouchobeersgrindho
Show Reel
by Matthew Hahn 12 years ago
I have been invited to submit a show reel. What should it consist of How long should it be What else do I need to know TIA.
Re: Show Reel
by Brandon Lima 12 years ago
From my experience it should be under 3 minutes long. It should demonstrate what you are capable of creating, music is key. The right music makes a great show reel! Good luck, and I would love to see
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