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Light Streaks
by Matthew Exton 9 years ago
Hi, I recently saw a tutorial about creating light streaks as seen on the ipod nano advert. I ve followed the tutorial and created my light streaks although I now wish to have these streaks floating a
Re: Light Streaks
by Matthew Exton 9 years ago
Hi Mark, Is this done by rendering out the streak layers and then reimporting back into after effects, or is precomposing something different I have tried this but the streaks don't appear bright enou
2D to 3D
by Matthew Exton 9 years ago
Hi guys, Does anyone know of a tutorial or a simple way of turning a 2D layer into 3D by distorting the perspective when the camera moves around it I have an image of a printing press and want to pan
Re: 2D to 3D
by Dave LaRonde 9 years ago
Sorry, but 2D layers don't interact with AE's 3D environment. When you think about it, what is an AE 3D layer It's a 2D object that you can manipulate in 3D space. You can build a 3D object by arrangi
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