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Matt Townley has more than fifteen years of experience in rich media design, production and development.

Matt is the founder and president of Northern California based MST Productions. MST Productions is a single source for all things media. They ... [more]
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April 16th 2009
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Re: Who's responsible of cleaning office on a small creativity business ?
by walter biscardi 5 years ago
Osama Ommey " It's a very sensitive job which needs full concentration and full body energy and perfect mental state to give the best creativity you have ... , so you might not be tired physically ,
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"So why do you need me?" I kept asking the client.
by Richard Herd 8 years ago
Client asked me to send them a quote, so I did. The email back said let's talk. We talked: Client: There's no way we can approve 17 hours. I will be doing the shooting on a flip camera. I'm sending yo
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Re: How do I say it politely (re: watermark)?
by Mark Suszko 9 years ago
"Dear client: Enclosed is a copy of the program in what we believe is the finished form. To help you make any notes about corrections or changes or errors, we've superimposed a time code number on the
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Re: Pricing by project or per minute
by Craig Seeman 9 years ago
One thing experience would tell you is that a 5 minute video could take you a day or it could take you weeks. If you don't want to charge a client hourly than you should be very good at estimated the
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Re: DVD logo usage
by Gary Hazen 9 years ago
We have small simple text on our discs that reads either: DVD video, DVD data, CD audio or CD data. It's helpful for diagnosing problems when the client says, "I put the shiny thing in my computer and
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Re: Cold calling works!
by Ronald Lindeboom 10 years ago
Ned Miller "I now believe this is a double dip recession." People will wish that this is a recession, as it just keeps going on and on. Unfortunately it isn't one. As I have said in this forum before
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Re: Professional Video Editor
by Mark Suszko 10 years ago
James, is your friend; browse their used books and videos. I would suggest if you never got any formal Tv training, pick up a used copy of a college TV textbook, any edition of Zettl is goo
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