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Trouble Capturing with Intensity Pro
by Matt Straight 9 years ago
Hey everyone, having trouble capturing at 1080i on the Intensity Pro. The comp I'm trying to output the HDMI signal from has an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 card, and when running it straight to a TV I hav
PC Capture
by Matt Straight 9 years ago
Hi, I'm trying to run a video off my computer through an enhancement device (Belkin Razorvision) and record the enhanced HD video using either the Intensity Shuttle or Pro. Has anyone had any luck doi
Re: PC Capture
by Danny Hays 9 years ago
If you could capture the unenhanced video with the Shuttle or card before the enhancement process, then it's changing the resolution and or framerate if the shuttle doesn't capture it now. The video p
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