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Finding subclip in parent clip
by Alan Brunettin 5 years ago
I have just started working with Premiere after years of FCPX and I am struggling a bit to do the same things I did before. One thing that was easy to do in FCPX was finding where in a parent clip a s
Re: Finding subclip in parent clip
by Matt Crum 3 months ago
Was just trying to figure out how to do this in CC2020 and read your suggestion here. FYI, in case anyone is wondering, this feature DOES WORK in CC2020 (and probably earlier versions ). Hit F in the
How to stop Compressor in background?
by David Fortin 11 years ago
Set up a droplet for Compressor on my desktop. Dropped file onto droplet. Compressor is now doing it's thing. How do I stop this operation I discovered I had the aspect ratio set wrong in the droplet.
Re: How to stop Compressor in background?
by Matt Crum 9 years ago
In Compressor 3, Open Compressor and under the Compressor Menu, hit "Reset Background Processing". You can choose to restart the batch or cancel it. Don't know whether that feature is in earlier versi
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