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December 23rd 2016
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Dynamic grid
by Martin Evans 2 years ago
Need help achieving a dynamic grid, where you keyframe the main object and the rest move out of the way in a similar fashion like in the image. 2x2 grid is not a problem, but perfect rig would allow y
Re: Dynamic grid
by Martin Evans 2 years ago
The problem is obvious with a bigger grid with 100+ blocks, that manual work wont cut it and a manual solution is not why I try this. I clearly would need a gap, just think of the main block as invisi
Xpresso: hierarchy driven hierarchy?
by Martin Evans 3 years ago
Hi, I'm having some trouble making hierarchy pass data to another hierarchy. I did get it to work with lists to list, cloner to hierarchy, but not hierarchy to hierarchy. I would appretiate it if some
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