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Making background track with video
by Zach Worden 3 days ago
I've replaced a blown out sky in a shot by making it transparent using a luma key and placing a stock image of a sky on the next layer down. Then I did a camera track of the video which gave me a bunc
Re: Making background track with video
by Martin Brennand 3 days ago
If there is a perspective shift in the shot, then you may need to do a full 3d card or corner pin, but if it's just tracking shaking you may be able to get away with a simple transform How big is the
Tracking sky replacement with camera reframes
by Zach Worden 2 weeks ago
I shot an interview in a room with a cityscape in the background. The sky is completely blown out, because it was so much brighter outside than I could get it inside. I was able to replace the sky wit
Re: Tracking sky replacement with camera reframes
by Martin Brennand 2 weeks ago
Right, so you may be able to track this in Mocha AE. If you need a primer, this tutorial is a good place to start: https: watch v=VYxN1g9pjOg This tutorial covers Mocha Pro, but the ba
Can you add 'digital makeup' or a 'tattoo' without Mocha?
by John Jones 1 month ago
Hi, this is my first post here (though I've been finding help in the threads here for years) What I'm trying to do is make an image tattoo look "drawn on" to a person's face - perfectly following the
Re: Can you add 'digital makeup' or a 'tattoo' without Mocha?
by Martin Brennand 1 month ago
You would probably need to do it in patches. since the face is made of of tiny planes (forehead, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, nose side, nose bridge etc) you'll get unnatural motion if you try to splay a
mocha tracking
by Michael Lewy 1 month ago
I am trying to use mocha to track a face to add a monster like skin. I am having trouble as the track seems to move. If I use corner pin data the track does not seem to line up with the image I am try
Re: mocha tracking
by Martin Brennand 1 month ago
Again, it looks like you're applying the mask to the corner pinned layer. Adding a mask to a layer that is corner pinned will change the dimensions of the layer and therefore change the way the corner
Adjusting a tracked mask?
by David Fleury 2 months ago
I tracked a mask that was wonking out at a certain part of the track. I thought it would be easy to adjust by selecting the multiple offending points and then selecting ALL the keyframes in the track
Re: Adjusting a tracked mask?
by Martin Brennand 2 months ago
It's much easier to do in Mocha, as the mask keyframes are kept separate from the tracked keyframes. Martin Brennand Product Manager Mocha - Boris FX (Imagineer Systems)
Mocha Screen Replacement
by Sujay Bhosale 3 months ago
I am tracking phone display in mocha. Display has curved corners and notch. Display is tracking perfectly. But I have issues with the replaced screen. Replaced screen doesn't have curves. I used inser
Re: Mocha Screen Replacement
by Martin Brennand 3 months ago
You mean you can't use the layers from the timeline in After Effects as videos Don't try importing them externally from disk, use the "Insert Layer" option in the plugin interface. Martin Brennand Pro
Is this shadow fixable with Mocha Pro?
by John Davis 2 years ago
I'm editing a video for a client, and I've been trying to get rid of a nose shadow. I've used Mocha in the past, but only for simple fixes. Would I be able to remove the shadow with Mocha, or put the
Re: Is this shadow fixable with Mocha Pro?
by Martin Brennand 2 years ago
It's potentially doable, but i'd need to see the motion of the face. Is he always face-forward, or does he turn so much the nose obscures one side of the face Martin Brennand Product Manager mocha - I
Tracking 3D Text in Apple Motion Using Tracking Data From Mocha
by Thomas Tapp 4 years ago
I'm trying to figure out how to track text in motion using tracking data from mocha. The data worked great for shapes, masks and other objects, it just won't track the text. This is what I'm doing: I
Re: Tracking 3D Text in Apple Motion Using Tracking Data From Mocha
by Martin Brennand 4 years ago
Are you applying the corner pin match move directly to the text layer This will probably not work. Try applying the match move to the group (with the text layer inside) instead and it should distort c
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