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Walter Soyka
Choosing a Mac system for AE/Premiere CS5
by Micah McDowell 8 years ago
Been needing an upgrade for some time and now I'm in the market for an editing system. I plan to run Adobe CS5 (Premiere AE Photoshop... lots of all three). Right now we work with NTSC DV footage but
Re: Choosing a Mac system for AE/Premiere CS5
by Marshall Colley 8 years ago
Hi Walter, Well, I found a Mac GTX 285 a few weeks ago when a slew of them showed up on eBay and even Amazon. They went fast, but I got one. It works flawlessly in my 2008 3.1 Mac Pro. The new drivers
Snow Leopard 101: For Smart People Only
by David Roth Weiss 9 years ago
Please, be advised, it's imperative that only smart people do the following... If you're really stupid, just ignorant, or even just a really bad gambler, you are advised not to do the following. If yo
Re: Whaddya mean I need to change the oil?
by Marshall Colley 9 years ago
" Changing the oil" is an interesting analogy but a bit too simplistic and not really accurate....maybe comes close if you're using synthetic oil and changing the filter every month. There's no doubt
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