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Sierpinski pyramid in Cinema 4d
by Markus Karlsson 7 years ago
Hi! I wanted to create a Sierpinski pyramid (A pyramid within a pyramid within a pyramid and so on) But im stuck and probably not doing it right (have used Cinema 4d before but i would still call myse
Re: Sierpinski pyramid in Cinema 4d
by Adam Trachtenberg 7 years ago
There's probably a way to do this mathematically via scripting, but I was able to create one fairly quickly using mograph and some manual intervention. I started by creating the base structure with si
Blame it on the boogie
by Markus Karlsson 10 years ago
Hi guys a few years back i saw a plugin that could do this old classic effect fairly easy.. Now i have forgotten what it was called and i was wondering if anyone could help you all know the effect,, i
Re: Blame it on the boogie
by Todd Kopriva 10 years ago
The Echo effect is a good starting point for this sort of result. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems
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