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Sync Audio & Video from RAW-Files (recorded with FS700 & O7Q+)
by Markus Auzinger 1 year ago
Hi there! Is there any way to sync audio to video from RAW footage out of O7Q+ Due to my research in Resolve there are only two options for syncing audio to video: 1) via Timecode 2) via Waveform Now,
Re: Sync Audio & Video from RAW-Files (recorded with FS700 & O7Q+)
by Marc Wielage 1 year ago
A lot of small cameras are flawed in that they don't have jammable timecode. As a result, all the files start at 00:00:00:00 and will not automatically sync up with external audio or other cameras. My
Problem with Camera Move (PingPong-Effect)
by Markus Auzinger 10 years ago
Hi there! I want a camera (bound to a null-object) to move to a certain position, stay a few seconds, move on, stay, move on, stay ... So I animated the Position & Orientation from the Null to which t
Re: Problem with Camera Move (PingPong-Effect)
by Todd Kopriva 10 years ago
from "Controlling change with interpolation": "In some cases, the Auto Bezier spatial interpolation for Position keyframes can cause undesired back-and-forth (boomerang) motion between two keyframes w
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