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Special effects/motion graphics needed for music video
by Mark Vence 9 years ago
I need someone who has experience with special effects and motion graphics incorporated in HD video. I will record and edit the whole music video but I also need a few scenes that contain a few specia
Re: Special effects/motion graphics needed for music video
by ben sutter 9 years ago
HI I believe I can help and deliver at a reasonable rate of time and money... I have worked on various vids before you can view samples of my work at http: I look forward
slow HD playback
by Mark Vence 10 years ago
I'm wondering why my video playback is so slow in premiere I'm using video from the Canon 7D and it plays fine with QuickTime but it's very choppy when using premiere. Any suggestions
Re: slow HD playback
by Ann Bens 10 years ago
Quicktime is a player Premiere is not. Does your pc have enough horsepower to deal with these kind of files
Rendering problems.
by Mark Vence 11 years ago
I'm just wondering why my videos are coming out so grainy. I'm using this settings: Audio: 192 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WMA9. Video: 29.97 fps, 1280x720, WMV V9 CBR Compression, Smoothness 90.
Re: Rendering problems.
by Douglas Spotted Eagle 11 years ago
You have everything important listed except the bitrate of the video, which is the likely cause of the graininess.Douglas Spotted Eagle VASST Certified Sony Vegas Trainer Aerial Camera Instructor
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