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Oliver Peters
Soft Focus During Time Lapse
by Ron Fenley, 1 week ago
Focus on individual frames look great but when played back at normal speed they look slightly blurry.
Re: Soft Focus During Time Lapse
by Mark Smith 1 week ago
What is the defined frame size of your project Is the frame size scaled down and is the scale down reduction an integer Photo stills often have native frame sizes that are not even multiples of video
Send to X question
by Mark Smith 2 weeks ago
Does Send To X need to be installed running on the computer receiving a converted ( by send to x) premier file My spouse sent me a Premiere xml, I converted it using send to x, shot the FCPX xml back
Re: Send to X question
by Mark Smith 2 weeks ago
That question came up for me as well. I was not able to find an export option in send to x for different versions of the XML file - I think 10.4.4 uses either FCPXML version 1.7 or 1.8 .
Frustrated! Poor quality of SD footage in FCP 10.4
by Rob Postroz 3 weeks ago
Hi, I've imported footage into FCP I shot years ago on a canon XL1 - it's SD 720 x 480 - and FCP is adding these horizontal distortion lines to the footage (making the already low resolution footage e
Re: Frustrated! Poor quality of SD footage in FCP 10.4
by Mark Smith 2 weeks ago
Also keep in mind that even if you had a 24 frame progressive (well 23.98 ) setting on the camera there was no such thing as 24 frame video recording so pull down would be applied to bump the frame ra
Arranging key word order in events?
by Mark Smith 3 weeks ago
Basic question: I have an event with a a dozen or more keywords. The keywords basically break up the material contained in the event into sections in Chronological order, so pre race, race start, and
Re: Arranging key word order in events?
by Mark Smith 3 weeks ago
Definitely send the request I think its time for some sorting options with keywords. In the court of cutting my present project it would have been so much easier if I was able to arrange keywords in t
Final Cut Update
by David Mathis 1 month ago
So, it looks like there will not be version 10.5 anytime soon but there is a very nice update that just came out today. http: final-cut-pro news 2129-apple-update-final-cut-pro-x-to-10-4-4-
Re: Final Cut Update
by Mark Smith 1 month ago
So nearly everytime I post on the Cow about my computer misbehaving, it corrects its bad behavior. 1) I closed X and re opened my library no change 2) I closed X and re started my computer , opened th
Relinked media?
by Mark Smith 1 month ago
This is a weird one- I started a library & project on one drive, media was external to the library. I moved library and media over to another computer and its RAID. When I opened the library on the 2n
Re: Relinked media?
by Mark Smith 1 month ago
I m not sure I worked it out, maybe X did with some nudging.. I quit the project on computer& Raid #2 and opened original project on Raid #1. That project appeared as expected with both original and p
New Blackmagic eGPU
by Steve Connor 2 months ago
I don't want to distract people from the endless discussion about what the forum should be called but this looks interesting. BMD have released another eGPU. https: products b
Re: New Blackmagic eGPU
by Mark Smith 2 months ago
I was just going to ask How many people are still using the old mac cheese graters. There is a computer that is like the Mars rover of computers. It had a certain anticipated life span and 14 years la
FCP X hits 3.5 Million users?
by Bill Davis 3 months ago
Atomos CEO Jeromy Young says so in a live interview from the IBC Floor. Slip of the tongue Judge for yourself. If true, that s kinda crazy growth acceleration. https: watch v=OvKw3msZ6h0
Re: FCP X hits 3.5 Million users?
by Mark Smith 3 months ago
Lets say that Feature film editing which many people here might hold as the pinnacle of the editing realm is like the NBA to a basketball player. How many jobs are there in the NBA as a player which m
Art doesn't pay
by Oliver Peters 4 months ago
Nice video piece by Mark Toia. https: watch v=uBdSDkq0lfk& This is a new Master series. Toia has been active on the RED forums for several years. And relevant
Ronald Lindeboom liked this 4 months ago
Re: Art doesn't pay
by Mark Smith 4 months ago
Finally, another Yuval Harari fan emerges....
Mental Canvas
by Oliver Peters 5 months ago
We talk occasionally about interfaces and have mentioned the MS Surface before. Here's a cool video that shows some nice working examples of using the dial. https: watch v=53KJerdHkdA
Re: Mental Canvas
by Mark Smith 5 months ago
With a large horizontal touch screen, I could imagine editing becoming something like that scee from Minority Report where Tom Cruise is using gestures to edit some visuals, or at least that s what I
by Oliver Peters 6 months ago
Michael Kammes' Mackintosh build: https: watch v=pxgctR1iuGI - Oliver Oliver Peters -
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Re: Hackintosh
by Mark Smith 6 months ago
I loved my Cheese Grater mac pro until it was finally time for it to go. It was by far one of the most robust computers I have ever owned and I think Apple would do everyone a favor by makig the 2018
Why is Keyframing in FCPX so shite?
by Julian Bowman 5 years ago
I don't get it. It is attrocious. Why am I fiddling in the top right of the screen but the visual representation is on the timeline ONLY AFTER i open a box to see it, and then it is more clicks to see
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Re: Why is Keyframing in FCPX so shite?
by Mark Smith 7 months ago
What is odd is that one can set a range around some audio keyframes and drag them , but it can t be done with video key frames. Seems like an odd omission in the area of video keyframing.
The Silent Child
by Oliver Peters 8 months ago
http: final-cut-pro articles 2059-how-to-produce-an-oscar-winning-movie-with-no-budget-but-loads-of-talent-and-good-will-the-amazing-story-behind-the-making-of-the-silent-child-cut-with-fcp
Re: The Silent Child
by Mark Smith 8 months ago
That s a great story with a Very high risk high reward path.
C300 glitch and green holes
by Ernesto Brelièreovsky 5 years ago
Hello, I've shot over three days on the C300 using two 16GB CF at 25 fps with constant camera settings. On one of the sessions, an abundant glitch that makes the footage unusable appears. I've uploade
Re: C300 glitch and green holes
by Mark Smith 4 years ago
Regarding the artifacts. I recently had a shoot where 2 cards that had been transferred to back up drives had very similar looking artifacts which resulted in doing a reshoot of 3 key interviews. Pain
Quad kipro and c500
by frank tourv 5 years ago
Question on the canon c500 external feed - it can record up to 120fps from what i read, however kipro says 60p is its max recording speed - does this mean i cant record over 60p Sadly i dont have my h
Re: Quad kipro and c500
by Mark Smith 5 years ago
Duh - you're right . I'm confusing the capabilities of the Ki pro quad with my 7Q which when ever the code boys catch up to the marketing people over at convergent will have higher frame rate capabili
News: Arctic Whiteness announces The Touch – an incredible new way to interact with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Lightroom 4.
by Cow News Droid 6 years ago
(B sayes, France--March 25, 2013) Arctic Whiteness has today announced the release of an innovative new Mac application for controlling certain aspects of Apple s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Lightroom 4
Re: News: Arctic Whiteness announces The Touch – an incredible new way to interact with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Lightroom 4.
by Mark Smith 6 years ago
I have the latest version of this software and while it is interesting its pretty unreliable at this point . I have a hard time engaging the various modes with my magic track pad ,. When it works its
ShotPut Pro v. 5 - worth the upgrade?
by Bob Cole 6 years ago
If anyone has tried ShotPut Pro's upgrade, I'd like to know whether it is worth using. Bob C
Re: ShotPut Pro v. 5 - worth the upgrade?
by Mark Smith 6 years ago
the way I see it Shot put V5 is definitely worth the upgrade. I have used shot put for some years and the speed gain in 5 is dramatic. I have offloaded CF cards to garden variety portable FW800 drive
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