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What should a properly exposed 18% gray card read under the RGB color picker?
by Tim Wilde 3 years ago
In Resolve 12.5, after enabling "Show picker RGB value", what are the RGB values of a properly exposed (or corrected) 18% gray card (Rec709 assumed)
Re: What should a properly exposed 18% gray card read under the RGB color picker?
by Mark Sanford 3 years ago
Curiosity is a good thing.
Field Order wackiness
by Nicole Schoepflin 3 years ago
I am having field order issues when exporting clips from Resolve 11. I am starting with uncompressed HD clips edited from one continuous shoot. I grade them, then export individual uncompressed HD cli
Re: Field Order wackiness
by Mark Sanford 3 years ago
Nicole - When you let Resolve determine the project settings based on the clip attributes it will make the timeline 29.97 whether the clip is interlaced or progressive. The real question is this: Did
Working with Pre-Conformed EDLs in R12
by Francois Driessen 3 years ago
Mm. I must be missing something but the workflow I used in R10 or R11 seems to be in issue in R12. Due to incompatibilities and FX transitions used in the NLE (PremierePro) we have to send a flattened
Re: Working with Pre-Conformed EDLs in R12
by Mark Sanford 3 years ago
Yes, the pre-conformed edl will get confused by other clips in that bin, especially if they're source clips of the same project. It only wants to see one flat file and parses the edit points from that
Waveform-Parade confusion (screenshot)
by Seth Thy 4 years ago
Hi, can someone explain this difference between monochrome Waveform and Parade (Red crashing on Parade). Are they really crashing And if so, what is the usage of monochrome Waveform I'm asking cause w
Re: Waveform-Parade confusion (screenshot)
by Mark Sanford 4 years ago
Seth - First of all, if this is camera original footage then I can say with certainty that the camera is in need of a black balance. Your red channel is sitting at baseline where it should be but red
Sonnet Echo III-R
by Robin Erard 5 years ago
Hello, Sorry for my english, I normally speak french. My studio have just bought the new Sonnet Echo Express III Tb2. We installed 2 cards recommended (Sonnet Tempo Sata 6Gb 4 port, Sonnet Allegro FW8
Re: Sonnet Echo III-R
by Mark Sanford 5 years ago
Robin - Sorry for the late reply. I had a similar problem installing the same 2 cards in an Echo Express II connected to an iMac. A closer inspection of Sonnet's site revealed that the Allegro series
Pure white
by stig olsen 7 years ago
Hi, Im working with a bunch of commercials shot in a white studio. What do you guys rely on to decide what is pure white I have calibrated monitors but I think the eyes is not that reliable on this. F
Re: Pure white
by Mark Sanford 7 years ago
"What do you guys rely on to decide what is pure white " Having come from the acquisition side of image making I think it's very important to continually cross-reference what you see on the monitor wi
HDLink question re NEC 30"
by Mark Sanford 8 years ago
I would like to use an HDLink Pro to apply a viewing LUT to an NEC 30" LCD monitor that has a native raster of 2560H x 1600v. I have successfully applied a custom LUT to the monitor but only in unscal
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