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Rob Dahl
Streaks with Footage
by Mark Saliba 8 years ago
Hi, I've got a problem. It's more of a technique problem rather than anything else. I've been testing and trying out different ways for a week and can't find the perfect way to this. What I want to ac
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Re: Streaks with Footage
by Harry Frank 8 years ago
Well, it looks to me like you need a 3D tracker, perhaps The Foundry's CameraTracker: http: products cameratracker Once you have the scene tracked, you should be able to find the
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by Mark Saliba 9 years ago
Hey guys and dolls, I need to create an promo themed to Autumn. I was gonna use some leaves. I have the image of the leaf but i need to distort its edges points to make it look more real not just a fl
Re: Leaves
by Mark Saliba 9 years ago
mm thought so. Thanks.
box not appearing
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
Hi, currently i'm trying to get myself into Cinema 4D Version 10. I got the demo version and i'm reading through the the quick start manual. I'm on page 23. On the bottom apart of the page the tutoria
Re: box not appearing
by Brian Jones 10 years ago
You have to switch into the Point Tool mode so you can work with (and see) the points
Export Stops
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
After I have finished my project in Motion 3 running on Mac os x snow leopard, I obviously export it. Apart from that the export takes a long time just to render a write on effect of a paint stroke, i
Re: Export Stops
by zak peric 10 years ago
Well, the problem is somewhere that is for sure. Anyway, I never ever export to h264 directly from Motion. I always export all my movies by using Animation codec (full quality). Then I use Quicktime t
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cam, point of interest
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
i'm a bit kind of new to the camera in after effects. Before this one i used to use apple motion and i found the camera to be different then what i expected, better but seems to be a bit complicated..
Re: cam, point of interest
by Todd Kopriva 10 years ago
Instructions for moving a camera with or without moving its point of interest are here: "Move a camera, light, or point of interest". ------------------------------------------------------------------
AE CS3 "After Effects Warning: Unknown Exception"
by Joshua Ferg 12 years ago
Just installed AE CS3 on my Mac Dual 2.5 PowerPC with 8 GB Ram. Opened up fine originally last night. This morning I reopened the project file and encountered an error message reading "After Effects:
Re: Fix AE CS3 "After Effect Warning: Unknown Exception"
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
this forum is unbelievable. every single creative or technical problem i had so far was solved immediately. I got it working. Thanks a lot. I appreciate.
syntax error??
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
Hi i'm kind of new to this whole expressions thing. So i obtained a code to use as a counter. Meaning like to count from 1 to 25 for example. Well this is what i did. I had the text layer and selected
Re: syntax error??
by Rob Dahl 10 years ago
Here is one of my that works. See if it does on your system. http: CounterExample.aep Rob Rob Dahl Transparent Alchemy Boulder City, NV 89005
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3D space
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
Hi, I created a composition and built a room in 3D space out of flat objects. Then I wanted to insert that composition into another composition. The problem is that in the new composition the room (th
Re: 3D space
by Trevor Gent 10 years ago
Hey Mark, In your timeline window there should be a little empty tick box next to your pre-comped layer ( look for the thing that looks like a small "sun") It's the "collapse tranformation" switch. Ch
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Trap light
by Mark Saliba 10 years ago
Hi, well i built a closed corridor with an open door to a room. Both room and corridor where built in 3D space using flat images obviously. They are completely closed meaning walls, floor and ceiling.
Re: Trap light
by adam taylor 10 years ago
Steve Holmes has a really helpful tutorial at http: episodes 11 he shows how to do almost exactly what you have described. adam Adam Taylor Video Editor Audio Mixer Compositor Motion
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