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Audio issue challenge
by Thomas Morter-Laing 9 years ago
Here's a challenging one: I have an audio track and I need to cut out a chunk of it and add a cross dissolve to blend the two 'sides' of the chunk together. When I do this and render it, it totally de
Re: Audio issue challenge
by Mark Quod 9 years ago
I've had similar problems with audio, and I think certain audio codecs tend to do it more often. Mp3's have done it for me. I would try exporting the audio as an AIFF and then re-importing it. Make su
Video Delay Tool
by Renny McCauley 9 years ago
We have a system set up in which a Final Cut system is in a room which feeds a signal to a plasma TV in another room through 100ft of component cable. The signal is fed through the Matrox MXO. The set
Re: Video Delay Tool
by Mark Quod 9 years ago
The length of the cable adds a negligible amount of delay. Most commonly the audio needs to be delayed because of the video lag in the monitor. (all LCD and Plasmas have delay in varying amounts, in m
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