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How to create correct caption format, CEA 608 vs. 708
by Melina Kolb 6 years ago
Help! I have gotten myself into a bit of a mess. I have created captions in Premiere Pro CC in CEA 608 format for broadcast on a local HD TV station. However, I am reading different posts about how yo
Re: How to create correct caption format, CEA 608 vs. 708
by Mark Gilvey 6 years ago
I'm going to end up doing it over in CEA-608 but I'm not going to use Premiere this time, someone pointed me to this which is very affordable. It appears to do CEA-608, I'm not sure about 708 but the
colour management problem
by vivek reddy 8 years ago
Hi , I am not good in the color management process that happens ,I have been checking out blogs for to my problem ,and I did not really understand how to go about it . Here is my problem : I exported
Re: colour management problem
by Mark Gilvey 7 years ago
I hope someone is still following this discussion. I'm having a similar problem. I've been told I need to use a color space of ITU-R BT.709. Through a color management in AE video on Adobe TV I found
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