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Mask visibility with Plexus
by Marisol Moupe 3 years ago
Hello everybody, I am trying to apply this tutorial about Plexus to a personal project: https: 89405200 I have problems in the minute 9.05. I'm applying this technique for two words, to have
AMD Radeon R9 can work with After Effects?
by Marisol Moupe 4 years ago
Hi, I'm working with the Adobe Suite, specially on After Effects. I bought a new computer with good hardware but the only drawback is that the graphic card is AMD Radeon R9 270, when I've seen that Ad
Re: AMD Radeon R9 can work with After Effects?
by Joseph W. Bourke 4 years ago
Here's the official list from Adobe: https: after-effects system-requirements.html Here's another list, which can be very useful if you want more detail, or have an older version of AE
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