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Type following path
by Bob Kiger 14 years ago
I have been trying to get the "rainbow" effect of having the type follow a slightly curved path, but the Type Type on Path feature is grayed out. Can't seem to get it to activate. Any prerequisites fo
Re: Type following path
by Marie Friedman 14 years ago
You have to make sure the object which contains the path you want to use is selected first before using this function. Marie.
web design newbie
by Angus Mackay 14 years ago
Hi All, I've been using PS AI for TV graphics(with AE) for about three years now. I'm just about to embark (as a favour) on my first web design project (someone else is doing the "under the hood" stuf
Re: web design newbie
by Marie Friedman 14 years ago
I would try W3Schools. They have loads of examples on the technical basics which you might find useful. http: Hope this helps you. Good Luck, Marie.
Masking miracle
by Chris Poisson 15 years ago
If this works as advertised, you could theoretically roto a subject in a tiff sequence in minutes instead of days. Not to mention the way it would speed up Photoshop work in general. http: www.vertust
Re: Masking miracle
by Marie Friedman 14 years ago
I've been playing around with the Windows version of this software for the past copule of weeks and I have to agree its saving me loads of time. Instead of fiddling around the old fashioned way it's s
Photoshop ICC Profiles
by Robert Mosner 15 years ago
Hello, I'm getting into digital Photography and Photoshop. I took some photos, did some editiong in Photoshop and had them printed out at the Photo store using the machine they use for film. Colors lo
Re: Photoshop ICC Profiles
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
I don't know if this is of any use to you, but I've found this helpful in the past when trying to understand color spaces and this when trying to calibrate for print. Marie.
Making grayscale PDF
by Elad Menashe 15 years ago
Hey everyone I'm trying to make a grayscale PDF file I have taken a grayscale picture in photoshop and saved as a PDF but even though the picture is grayscale, the PDF is CMYK So I've tried doing it i
Re: Making grayscale PDF
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
If you don't get an answer here, try looking on PDFPlanet for everything PDF.
Plug-ins How many
by martin 15 years ago
Hi Can any one tell me, is there a limit to how many plug-ins you can load into photoshop, it seems that every time I try to add a new plug-in it wont show up in the effects panel no more.....Is there
Re: Plug-ins How many
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
Yes there is a limit. Some say they're limited to 20 plugins before PS hangs, some say 30 or more plugins before problems begin. Try searching for a plug-in manager and see if that helps. Marie.
Importing photos from digital camera for photoshop.
by ted_kazear 15 years ago
Hello, I took some still photos on a Cannon GL2 and wanted to work on them in photoshop. My question is what application would you use to get the photos onto your machine. I tried dragging the files,
Re: Importing photos from digital camera for photoshop.
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
I may be wrong, but software generally shouldn't really affect the results from program to program. What is really important is the file format that is used to produce the results as these can vary in
Photoshop Color Settings
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
Could someone tell me the correct color settings to use for Photoshop CS. Should it be Adobe RGB 1998 I don't know what other settings in the color settings box should be ticked, left unticked Thanks
Re: Photoshop Color Settings
by Marie Friedman 15 years ago
Sorry for taking so long I've been busy with school. I was looking for the settings for making web images, but the other settings will be useful in the future if you could supply those as well so I do
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