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I'm a 3D / 2D Motion Designer born in the Dominican Republic to an Italian father and a Dominican mother. Driven by a passion for videogames, commercials and film, I strive to create engaging, dynamic pieces.

Among my specialties are:

- 2D/3D R... [more]
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October 16th 2018
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Dominican Republic
Turbulent Displace
by Marcos Devoto 2 months ago
https: assets images project _600x338_crop_center-center MNF_EO_new_orleans_saints_01b_jt.gif I'm trying to achieve this effect using Turbulent Displace, somehow I'm struggling to mask out on
Re: Turbulent Displace
by Marcos Devoto 2 months ago
it looks like it, but this particular one is blending both footages, in my example one is masking out the other, is like they're contrasted by each other, under the same effect.
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