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Sick of being ripped off
by Marco Ruggio 6 years ago
Anyone else sick of these plugin makers clobbering us with huge update fees I spent $2800 for sapphire, then another $400 was charged to get it into a new computer after my old one crashed. Now its go
When are the 128gb p2 cards arriving?
by Michael Spears 9 years ago
Maybe I've missed something, but shouldn't the 128gb p2 cards be here by now
Re: When are the 128gb p2 cards arriving?
by Marco Ruggio 8 years ago
Why not answer the question rather than be skeptical of the use What if they DON'T shoot weddings When are the cards coming out Perhaps someone wants to use the cards for high res editorial outputs. T
Nitris / with NEHALEM Mac problem
by Marco Ruggio 10 years ago
Just switched over from pc to mac. Seems Avid "approved" the Nehalem system without checking the graphics card response. Titles and motion effects look like crap. I believe they're missing a field.The
Re: Nitris / with NEHALEM Mac problem
by Shane Ross 10 years ago
Is the graphics card an ATI one Avid likes NVidia...FCP likes ATI. If it is ATI, get an approved Nvidia card. Shane GETTING ORGANIZED WITH FINAL CUT PRO DVD...don't miss it. Read my blog, Little Frog
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