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Yet another P2 question!!!
by James Michaels 9 years ago
Yes, I searched and searched, and each question seems user or asker-specific, so I might as well jump off the cliff and see who can help. I shot an interview over two Panasonic P2 32gb E-Series cards
Re: Yet another P2 question!!!
by Marco Hyvarinën 9 years ago
Ouch... Sounds familiar. I encountered the same and so far we (a major broadcaster) haven t been able to find out the real cause of the problem. Everything indicates towards a busted card, though. Cha
fixing corrupt P2 footage?
by Aaron Oberdick 10 years ago
Hi there, I am new to the forums (finally) and I have found many answers to my problems pertaining video through these boards for a while now. I finally have a question that I cannot find the exact an
Re: fixing corrupt P2 footage?
by Marco Hyvarinën 10 years ago
Hi! We have been encountering different problems with P2-material at my company lately. Part of them have had to do with a simple a reason as the length of the USB-cable from the card-reader... It sho
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