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February 19th 2013
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Extremely long export time
by Marcin Okoniewski 5 years ago
I got some big problems while exporting footage from AME and PP CC 2014. I mean the time of exporting is extremely long. It take 4 hours to export 15 minutes of 1080p footage (with not best quality of
Re: Extremely long export time
by Jeff Pulera 5 years ago
Is the source video 4k or 1080p If you can please post a screen shot of the export panel settings, that may be very helpful in troubleshooting. Have you applied any effects to the video in Premiere So
Nurbs selection problem
by Marcin Okoniewski 7 years ago
Hey there, I have some really annoying problem in Maya 2013. When I create some nurbs (for example sphere) I can't select them just left-click on it. I must clicking in all my sphere until I find some
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