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Waveform in multicam?
by Brian Sarfatty 5 years ago
Am I missing something, or in CS6 when you have a multicam clip, you can't view audio waveforms in the timeline
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Re: Waveform in multicam?
by Ann Bens 5 years ago
Sequence Render audio, that will give you your waveform in multicam and nested clips. ----------------------------------------------- Adobe Certified Expert Premiere Pro Adobe Community Professional
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Technique for Animated Number Countdown with Commas
by Randy Rubin 6 years ago
Hi All, Ran into this issue and combined like two techniques to get a really easy solution - thought I'd share it. To get a number to countdown (from say 256,000 to 152,000 with commas, no decimal) fo
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Re: Technique for Animated Number Countdown with Commas
by Marcello Sanna 4 years ago
This is very useful, thanks for sharing! In Italy we use commas instead of dots, so I would need to place the comma only before the last (or last two) digit. I tried this way var num = effect("Slider
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