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Born in Jamaica, Developing my skill to produce videos that "make you feel good." Check out my web site where you can see some of my handy work, both old and new.
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November 2nd 2009
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Most rookie question ever. export?
by Marcel Lee 9 years ago
Hi all, for the last 3 years i have been editing with FCP 7, but as i am totally disappointed with FCPX, I have decided to go back to my roots in Premiere. Its been a while but native editing of avchd
Re: Most rookie question ever. export?
by Patrick Simpson 8 years ago
I was going to ask the same question but found this post. There doesn't seem to be a consensus here. If I export using "Match Sequence Settings" am I retaining full (or near full) image quality WHen I
RT Performance
by Roman Hankewycz 10 years ago
I want to run this by the gang. So far all of my projects in Resolve have been 1080 23.98 prores(HQ) and my real time playback has been flawless. Last night I prepared a new project that is 1080 59.94
Re: RT Performance
by Marcel Lee 9 years ago
I have been using that workflow for my 24 frame clips. However when i try to follow the same workflow with my 720 60p clips, they are blank in the resolve conformed timeline. The only way i get the co
change tc rate for clips<
by Marcel Lee 9 years ago
Hey all, i shot a bunch of clips 720 60p, i then ran them through cine tools to conform them to 24fps, they play at the desired speed in fcp, however in the metadata the tc rate is still saying 60. i
Re: change tc rate for clips<
by Bouke Vahl 9 years ago
Do you need to retain the original TC If not, you can use QTchange (it's on my site) If so, do ask and i'll see if i can build it in. Bouke http: smart tools for video pros
new to resolve
by Marcel Lee 9 years ago
i just started the course on fxphd but i still feel a bit lost when it comes to what i can do and cant do when conforming edls exported from fcp. I have a project on my desk that is a mish mash of for
Re: new to resolve
by Sascha Haber 9 years ago
For now, try to use FCP to make your edit, do a one track edl and let Resolve do the conform. When v8 comes out you can do your multitrack in Resolve directly. A slice of color... DaVinci 7.1.2 OSX 10
Lens adapter for the NX5U
by Marcel Lee 10 years ago
Can anyone please advised me, Going to work with a company to produce short features where i will need to shoot with DOF. They currently have a Sony NX5U. Is there a lens adapter available for the cam
Re: Lens adapter for the NX5U
by Joseph Morgan 10 years ago
Hi Marcel I have been looking into this dof area quite a lot in the past two weeks. The SG Blade looks quite interesting. The company is based in the UK. http: For a lower budget, have
Official trailer for "The Key"
by Richard Crook 11 years ago
This is a short film that I am the Cinematographer, Editor, and Colorist on. Directed by Jim Blumetti. I'm editing it now...but am looking for more projects! Contact me! ;) Richard Crook http: www.cro
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Editing Resource
by Marcel Lee 10 years ago
I am an editor from jamaica that is looking for a resource that can teach me intermediate to advance editing principles and techniques. anyone can give me links. Thanks.
Re: Editing Resource
by Kim Rowley 10 years ago
There are many. I personally like http: I've also heard that http: is good. If you google Final Cut Pro training you'll find a wealth of info. Good luck! Dual 3 GH
Editing from external please advise!!!!!
by Marcel Lee 11 years ago
I am wrong but is it ill-advised to edit XDCAM EX 1080p24 footage from a lacie raid drive via firewire 800. i was told that was wrong and i must edit from the internal sata drive. Can some please let
Re: Editing from external please advise!!!!!
by Marcel Lee 11 years ago
thank you very much some numb skull was arguing with me. So had to get confirmation from the source. i work at an agency in Jamaica do a lot of commercials. i have a 2big Lacie drive 2TB. and a separa
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