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Panasonic HVX-200 Servo Issues
by Andrew Heaberlin 11 years ago
I recently purchased an HVX200, and while testing it, I discovered an irregularity with the servo. I zoom in, using the side control, and immediately after I remove my finger, the servo automatically
Re: Panasonic HVX-200 Servo Issues
by Marc Kroll 11 years ago
I have an HVX-200, and it did the exact same thing.I took it to Abel Cine Tech, and it was repaired under warranty.At first they said it was "strange", then later told me it was happening in a lot of
auto focus problem on HVX-200
by Nelson May 11 years ago
I shot some footage and turned the tape over to an editor who told me that the shots were out of focus. On the screen, the focus looked good to me until later on in the evening. I didn't have time to
Re: auto focus problem on HVX-200
by Marc Kroll 11 years ago
Hmm, it takes a split second to turn off autofocus.Never trust it, unless on day exterior, stopped way down, and on a wide lens. It's very difficult to judge focus on the LCD.EVF and Focus Assist are
P2 Xfer Issues
by Marc Kroll 11 years ago
I've had some problems recently, transferring files from my HVX-200, either to my Macbook, or through it to various hard drives.I view on P2CMS.I'm a DP,not an editor, so handling footage at all, is n
Re: P2 Xfer Issues
by Noah Kadner 11 years ago
Sounds like either a problem with your cards or your computer. I'd check the gear out well and then reinstall your computer from scratch and then add in all the updates. NoahMy FCP Blog. Unlock the se
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