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Emmy Designer / Director available for freelance ( South Florida )
by Malvin Magri 12 years ago
Specializing in motion design and print collateral. Everything from logo design to television show opens to dvd authoring. I'm well versed in many aspects of branding, design and art directing. Please
cinema 4d integration
by Neil Wieteska 13 years ago
Hello I'm exporting camera data from C4D so that I can comp. a rendered 3d model with a ground plane generated in AE. The major issues I'm experiencing are that the camera field of view as imported in
Re: cinema 4d integration
by Malvin Magri 13 years ago
Hey Neil, When you import the ".aec" file which has the camera data from C4D. You shouldn't have to create another camera in AE, you should use the camera from C4D. All you have to do is match up the
problem watching rendered footage
by lumpynifkin 13 years ago
I rendered a movie with pretty simple footage, just text and moving lens flare. When i try and play the movie in quick time it is very choppy and even freezes at points. I get the same problem when i
Re: problem watching rendered footage
by Malvin Magri 13 years ago
Hey Will, I believe you might be rendering in an uncompressed avi or a quicktime with "animation" codec and your hard rive might not be able to keep up with the data rate. I used to have this problem
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