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QNAP FCP X Slowdown/Beachball Issue via Thunderbolt 3 & SMB 3 (TVS-1282T3)
by Nikos Papadopoulos 5 months ago
Hey everyone from chilly Athens! A problem with thunderbolt 3 and FCP X is driving me nuts and was looking towards your wisdom and experiences to help track this issue down. Connected to the NAS via T
Re: QNAP FCP X Slowdown/Beachball Issue via Thunderbolt 3 & SMB 3 (TVS-1282T3)
by Lutz Leonhardt 5 months ago
I hope you'll find a solution
FCP X 10.4 Released.
by Bill Davis 7 months ago
As previewed at the Creative Summit - the new release of FCP X - 10.4 dropped today. Does NOT require High Sierra as some had surmised. Have fun today! Creator of XinTwo - http: The sho
Re: FCP X 10.4 Released.
by Lutz Leonhardt 7 months ago
Ozone: that's right. It happens on my system, too.
FCPX 10.3 Bugs
by Oliver Peters 2 years ago
This seems like a good place to start listing bugs as you run across them. So far I've hit these intermittent UI bugs: 1. Occasionally the playhead loses focus on which is the active pane in dual disp
Re: FCPX 10.3 Bugs
by Lutz Leonhardt 8 months ago
thank you, Oliver, again, for your kind reply. I understand that I probably can connect a HDMI Monitor with a OWC thunderbolt dock for FCPX a v output. I always follow your digitalfilms-site. best reg
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