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Cycling through images?
by Luke Swain 7 years ago
I'm at a complete loss here. I've imported a folder of images that need to run in sequence. The layer is set to use Textured Poly. I've tried almost every combination of settings I can think of, but I
Re: Cycling through images?
by Matthew Keane 7 years ago
Hi, I assume you have loaded your images into a comp which is nested in the comp with your particle layer. In the precomp for the image sequence, you can use the Animation Keyframe Assistant to 'Seque
Squealing while shuttling/fast fowarding
by Luke Swain 8 years ago
When I'm shuttling or fast-forwarding in Premiere, the audio emits an extremely high frequency tone that I'm pretty sure isn't room-tone, or part of the original audio. It seems like a glitch, or some
Re: Squealing while shuttling/fast fowarding
by S├ębastian Dahl 6 years ago
Just press "shift L" until it plays at a speed that's slow enough for you to understand what is said, but still faster than normal playback speed. Hope this helps. S.
Realtime keyframing?
by Luke Swain 11 years ago
Is it possible to play the animation, and add keyframes to the timeline without everything coming a halt I'm basically trying to sync video effects with audio hits, manually. Thanks for any all replie
Re: Realtime keyframing?
by Dirk de Jong 2 years ago
Kevin Camp "if you are using a keyboard without the numbers pad (like a laptop, etc) you may need to look that up...." I am using a laptop (with no dedicated num keypad), and using the key combinatio
Trying to make a 12 minute project look amazing
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
I'm exporting from Adobe Media Encoding within Premiere, but I just can't seem to get something close to lossless for MPEG2. I thought I might have some wiggle room since it's 12 minutes as opposed to
Re: Trying to make a 12 minute project look amazing
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
I'm outputting from Premiere at 7CBR. VBR target 7, max 8. Highest quality MPEG2-DVD...quality at 5. Same framerate etc. Now here's the WEIRD thing. I outputted the same test clip from After Effects,
Capture artifacts?
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
Every time I've opened up Premiere to capture footage in it, there are at least 3 distinct areas in the capture window that give blocky artifacting junk. Sony Vegas doesn't show this when capturing, j
Re: Capture artifacts?
by Perry Cheng 12 years ago
I don't think so. The capture file is pretty much ready as soon as the tape ends, at least for me. I can play it immediately. I don't think capturing with Premier vs others make a difference. I could
Final Cut Pro export?!
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
When I export a lossless Quicktime to be used in works in Final Cut Pro. When I export what I THINK to be a lossless Quicktime to be used in AE...I get only audio, and a white screen. What is
Re: Final Cut Pro export?!
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
Targa sequence seems right. I can open up the individual targas, but when I try and import them into AE, I click the Targa Sequence, it recognizes the order...I hit ok...It does nothing. No processing
Particle plugins
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
I'm trying to find particle plugins that allow the use of Illustrator PSD image files for the particles, allow you to adjust the scale of the particles, but are free.
Re: Particle plugins
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
Thanks for the tips!
DV Cam for HDV Deck?
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
My boss at work managed to get FCP to still capture HDV, even though the camera was technically just a MiniDV deck at that point. Where can I go in Premiere to tell it to capture HDV I'm using a Canon
Frame by frame
by Luke Swain 12 years ago
Hi, I'm doing some tedious mask shape animation and it would be a lot faster if I could use a keyboard shortcut to move on to the next frame of the comp, instead of going down to the scrubber or the t
Re: Frame by frame
by Mike Clasby 12 years ago
1 Frame Forward = Page Down 1 Frame Back = Page Up 10 Frames Forward = Shift + Page Down 10 Frames Back = Shift + Page Up There are other, Search Shortcut, but these are the ones I use.
Undersampled wiggle?
by Luke Swain 13 years ago
Wiggle is my friend, but I don't want to see all of the inbetween frames it uses from the min to max points. I'm going for a choppy drunken stupor effect, is there a way to tell after effects to only
Re: Undersampled wiggle?
by Mylenium 13 years ago
Round the values using Math.round() etc. you can also use posterizeTime() to get some interesting results. Mylenium Pour Myl
by Luke Swain 14 years ago
So I took alll of these dvd clips, converted them to progressive footage, edited, converted the pixel aspect ratios to 1 for proper display on my vga monitor. Now I'm trying to take the finished AVI's
possible to do Matrix camera effect?
by jimmie 14 years ago
Hi, Still fairly new to After Effects 6.5 Pro. I am making an animation and want to do an effect like the Matrix. Make the camera move in a semi-circle, so that the viewer first sees the model animate
Re: possible to do Matrix camera effect?
by Luke Swain 14 years ago
What program do you use exactly to get those (correct jargon ) interpolated frames Because in the Matrix they didn't start out smooth, it was still pretty stuttering until they did post computer work
Light tracking?
by Luke Swain 14 years ago
Hey all I'm just discovering the joys of AE6.5 and I had a question... In my recent project I'm trying to have about 8 clips pan in and out of the frame over a period of 15-20 seconds. They will be go
Re: Light tracking?
by Luke Swain 14 years ago
How about :) I'll do that thank you!
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