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New Showreel (Directing & Editing)
by Lukas Gähwiler 1 year ago
New Showreel: https: 289134819 Cheers Lukas http:
Re: New Showreel (Directing & Editing)
by Stephen Smith 1 year ago
I thought it was a great reel. However, I thought it was a cinematography reel. But your title says Directing & Editing. Did you film any of it Was it supposed to be a Directing & Editing reel Stephen
Missing Z-axis rotation
by PJ Palomaki 10 years ago
Any idea why a shape exported from Illustrator as a Motion Shape (via Export as Motion shape script) lacks Z-axis rotation when brought to Motion X and Y axis can be rotated but there isn't Z axis ava
Re: Missing Z-axis rotation
by Lukas Gähwiler 7 years ago
same problem also here: no z-axis on illustrator-scripted shapes. I create a clone of the shape and then you have a z-axis on the clone
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