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Avc-intra in After Effects
by Luiz Felipe Marcondes 10 years ago
I am trying to purchase a camera avc-intra, But much work com After Effects and after the factory is not compatible. The site Adobe found an optional plug-in that reads the codec of the AVC-intra Prem
Re: Avc-intra in After Effects
by Adolfo Rozenfeld 10 years ago
Dave: AVC-Intra has "intra" in the name because it doesn't use temporal compression like the other formats you mentioned. It uses an I-Frame only flavor of H264, as far as I know. Adobe will release s
Varicam vs Cinealta
by Joe Livolsi 10 years ago
Hello: I'm trying to figure out whether to shoot my next job with the Varicam or Cinealta. I have been a Panasonic guy for a long time and have shot with the Sony's as well. I will be shooting with di
Re: Vs CineAlta VariCam
by Luiz Felipe Marcondes 10 years ago
I think the system VariCam HD avc-intra 100 is second only to the CineAlta HDCAM SR 4:4:4 in f-23 f-35 and the new frw-900 (I think this is the model) The signal from the AVC-intra 100 4:2:2 features
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