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DVD/BLURAY Workflow Issues
by Luca Schaumkessel 5 years ago
Hello! Im searching for a simple way, using as few as possible programs (best only one) to author a 5.1 DVD or 5.1 Bluray, starting with a ProRes 444 Fileout with 6 Audio Channels. I create a referenc
Re: DVD/BLURAY Workflow Issues
by Andreas Gumm 5 years ago
Professional tools expect usually already encoded elementary streams. ;) For PC world I would suggest DVDlab. It also needs preencoded elementary streams, but it creates professional results. Andreas
Rendering openEXR
by Luca Schaumkessel 5 years ago
Hello, Rendering openEXR doesn't contain the Reel ID's . Is this a generell topic or a specific bug in resolve Kind regards
4K workflow issues
by Luca Schaumkessel 5 years ago
Hi, there is a 4K Project coming in shortly. Base will be 4K scanned DPX Files. Is our current MacPro (2012) able to handle this in general (GPU) Our Systems are the fastest available and hosts up to
Re: 4K workflow issues
by Andi Winter 5 years ago
hi luca, with dpx you can easily create proxies within resolve since the very beginning via prox manager in the media tab. and once your san is fast enough, you should face no problems. andy
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