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Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Luan immigrated to the United States at an early age with his immediate family near the end of the Vietnam War. Showing great interest and technical potential in the visual arts as a child, he would continue to develop and ex... [more]
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December 11th 2003
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Texas, USA
Why does PP2 make applying "source/media" timecode to numerous clips so hard?
by mbelli 13 years ago
Okay, here's what I want to do. I need a TC burn for footage I digitized with scene detect in PP2 for my client. Using scene detect I have a pile of clips on my timeline. I want to generate the clip'
Re: Why does PP2 make applying "source/media" timecode to numerous clips so hard?
by Luan Van Le 13 years ago
I have a similar problem right now. I am working as the visual effects & post artist on a short film for our school, the University of Texas at Arlington. We shot the film on Sony HDV and they are doi
Adding a timestamp
by SChnard 14 years ago
How can I add a timestamp ontop of my project. I want something I can use when I export a rough draft for editing approval. A timestamp would make sense for my peeps to note the specific areas. Is the
Re: Adding a timestamp
by Luan Van Le 14 years ago
Just in case you're still looking. There's freeware called Timecode Frame Generator 2.0. It's a standalone program that will create a counter, add dates, and you can adjust almost any parameter. The l
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