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I’m a Birmingham based animation freelancer/filmmaker working with writers Ian Ravenscroft & Tom Reid as, Dice Productions. I specialise in comic 2D character animation, direction and editing, whilst also doing graphic design, web design and illust... [more]
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August 12th 2009
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Birmingham, UK
Looking for Flash Character Animators
by Sunny Midha 10 years ago
Comedic Internet Viral in 2d 3d Style We are currently looking for 2D Animators that can turn around complete flash cartoons fast. It is being directed by a student director that recently got nominate
Re: Looking for Flash Character Animators
by Louis Hudson 10 years ago
Hi Sunny, My name's Louis Hudson, I'm replying to your advert for a UK based Flash character animator. I specialise in 2D character animation with a strong sense of timing, weight and movement. In ter
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