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Lathe object "holes"
by Liam Stirland 6 years ago
Anybody know a way to "drill" a hole in a lathe object i have tried adding a cylinder with the matte colour, but it masks the whole object rather than just the hole i need.
Re: Lathe object "holes"
by Edward Wu 6 years ago
Hi Liam, If you are wanting to punch a hole in the Lathe object (like cutting a shape and pasting in the lathe path in the drawing window), then there's currently no way of doing that. However, if you
Lathe object artifacting
by Liam Stirland 7 years ago
I am creating a custom lathe object by creating a circle, converting it to a lathe object then reducing the build angles to create a sort of 1 4 doughnut shape, All works fine apart from the ends of t
Re: Lathe object artifacting
by Jeremy Silverthorn 7 years ago
I'm having a similar issue myself... I have a simple outline created in illustrator and converted to a lathe object in ProAnimator... a pan. It looks great when the build angle is a complete 360, howe
encore CS5 flash export not playing
by Liam Stirland 9 years ago
Flash export is not working for me, encore exports all the relavent files and folders but when i run the index.html none of the player buttons work, so the project will not play. If i export to DVD it
Very basic lip sync
by Liam Stirland 9 years ago
Hi all, tearing my hair out over this one, i know its possible because i managed it many moons ago, trouble is i cant for the life of me remember how i did it!! Ive got a nested pre comp 2 frames long
Re: Very basic lip sync
by Liam Stirland 9 years ago
I'd got my expression completely wrong ! sorted now cheers for that!!
Wigglerama anchor point
by Liam Stirland 10 years ago
Having trouble with wigglerama, i've used the effect in the past and had no probs, Today ive added the effect to a text layer and although the text layer's anchor point is in the center, the effect se
Convert Invigorator objects/primitives
by Liam Stirland 10 years ago
Hi, Is it possible to convert objects primitives in invigorator so you are able to use custom edges materials
Re: Convert Invigorator objects/primitives
by Erik Waluska 10 years ago
I'm not 100% sure but I believe you can only use custom edges with vector art extrusions or text created within Invigorator. But if you need a cube with custom edges then just extrude a vector square.
Multiple invigorator layers
by Liam Stirland 10 years ago
I am using invigorator to create an opening box with objects flying out once opened. I have used one instance of invigorator to create a cube without a top, added a thin primative as the lid and 1 mai
Re: Multiple invigorator layers
by Liam Stirland 10 years ago
Thanks for the reply but all pieces needed to come out at the same time, i have spoke to client and told them of the limitations and i am going to do it slightly differently, although i am still inter
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