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Rigging polygon eyelashes
by Leonidas Savvides 9 years ago
Hello people, Hope everyone is well :-) I have an eye modeled textured ready with lot;s of polygon eyelashes. The eyelashes, eyeball, and the rest of the face are separate geometries. I'm leaning towa
Re: Rigging polygon eyelashes
by gary schofield 9 years ago
Hi Personally I think you would be better to change your modeling technique to fur its harder but you would'nt have these probs this is a very good tutorial for eye lashes quite hard though; http: www
Super wide video wall
by Leonidas Savvides 9 years ago
Hello After effects people ! I've been in the advertising field for almost 12 years now, and oddly enough i just got my first Digital Signage project 3 weeks ago.. so i'm relatively new to this. So..h
Re: Super wide video wall
by Walter Soyka 9 years ago
Absolutely -- the playback system drives your content creation, and the physical displays drive the design of the playback system. Other considerations not mentioned include depth (if your displays ar
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