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Sony PMW F3 Camera
by philip coccioletti 9 years ago
Anyone know why Sony so overpriced the F3 camera Yes... it looks great but with an overblown price tag of 18K with 3 prime lenses Every review we have read comments on this over blown asking price. It
Re: Sony PMW F3 Camera
by Leon Unger 8 years ago
Phillip, here in Brazil i was able to import an Sony PMW-F3. To resolves the problems of coded,or make a better video, more than 35Mbits we add a external recorder, the Gemini from Covergent design.(4
Will Adobe offer a CS4 version of Audition
by Anna Haas 11 years ago
Does anyone know if there are plans by Adobe to offer an Audition upgrade and not think that putting out a crippled program like the Sound Booth program they stuck into my CS4 Suite upgrade is somehow
Re: Will Adobe offer a CS4 version of Audition
by Leon Unger 10 years ago
Dear Anna Haas. Like you said , i agree with you. I am a Sound editor with some movies that have the sound completely editted in adudition. Audition allows me to do everyhing i need, but sound-shit-bo
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