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Compressing for YouTube
by Lulu Malmgren 13 years ago
I have been trying to find the right compression settings in Compressor to upload 10 min videos to youtube. I have tried their customs (H.264 for webcasting H.264 for iPod SD Quicktime H.264); I have
Re: Compressing for YouTube
by Len Reston 13 years ago
Yeah this also a long post but mostly summarizes what I know about it from reading various forums and tinkering. For now they seem to be using the &fmt=6 as their HQ, which is their so-called big flv
H.264 for flash video on the web
by Michael Tesh 13 years ago
Ok I know that Adobe says Flash 9 supports H.264 video. I also know that YouTube has been re-encoding all their videos now for about a year. But I'm having a hard time finding any information on how t
Re: H.264 for flash video on the web
by Len Reston 13 years ago
Append YT URL with &fmt=18 for their h.264 aac version. They started stereo aac Mar 8-9th and once again appear to be re-encoding all files on their server. I've been uploading 480x360 x264 4Mbps, 44.
Re: render for YouTube
by Len Reston 13 years ago
This may have been already discussed but I'm new here and have only searched a few forums. FYI, there's a bug exploit that allows short clips under 4 minutes at 640x480. The shorter the clip the highe
Re: render for YouTube
by Daniel Low 13 years ago
Great post. Thanks.
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