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SDI Outputs no signal
by Lars Larson 7 years ago
Hello, I've been using the Kona 3 into a Panasonic BT-LH1700WP to better monitor my editing sessions. But now, for some reason, the SDI output I had been using isn't registering any output. The inputs
Re: SDI Outputs no signal
by Shane Ross 7 years ago
Card might need to be reseated too. If you are brave enough to open the machine and do that. If you didn't install it, I'd have the person who did do this, or let tech support walk you through this. S
Double Vision
by Lars Larson 9 years ago
Hey guys! Got another one for you that has really been bothering me. I've had this problem before a couple years ago and I think I remember fixing it but it was probably on accident by trying differen
Re: Double Vision
by Steve Eisen 9 years ago
Use Kona 1080i60 Easy Setup. Steve Eisen Eisen Video Productions Vice President Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group
Broadcast HD 720 vs 1080?
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
First of all, thank you or your time. I am in advertising, and when it comes to production I'm wondering if working in 1080 or 720 is better. By the way I'm working with the HPX500 and Final Cut Studi
Re: Broadcast HD 720 vs 1080?
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
Theoretically that all makes sense. But rendering aside, a key is a key whether it's 480 or 1080p. I would instinctively, I guess, just want to work with a progresive scan when keying. I suppose that
Graphic Doubling
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
For some reason, the graphics in just one project of mine are losing their integrity between keyed frames. The images are chopped at the interlacing, and what is displayed is a mix of what should be s
My project disappeared!
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
I was working on a project that is scheduled to air next week when I tried to save the progress, after doing so successfully several times, and it told me the "operation is not allowed". I quit to try
Re: My project disappeared!
by Lu Nelson 11 years ago
Check your Autosave Vault Do you also have previously saved versions of the project I use a combination of both the Autosave vault *and* resaving my current project under a different name every day, l
P2 audio/video link problem
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
What is the best way to import P2 files with audio and video As the audio files are separate from the video, I am currently having to search through the browser and locate the audio files that corresp
Re: P2 audio/video link problem
by Lars Larson 11 years ago
Alright, Jeremy. I see now: It's so simple. 1) Open mouth 2) Insert foot Thank you for your time.
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