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Monitor Calibration
by Kyle Rarey 12 years ago
Hello, I have both an iMac and Macbook Pro that I use for various multimedia projects and SD editing work in Creative Suite 3 and Final Cut Studio 2, and recently the differences in color balance betw
Corrupted login: can't access files Please Help!
by riclbs 14 years ago
My friend has two logins on his iMac and one of them has some kind of corruption that prevents the finder from opening. I tried to access the desktop files he needs from that login from the working on
Re: Corrupted login: can't access files Please Help!
by Kyle Rarey 14 years ago
I recently had a similar problem with my iBook on OS 10.4 Many things I tried would work for a short time, but the ultimate solution ended up being to boot the iBook into FireWire Disk Mode (Holding g
Screen Spanning Doctor
by Kyle Rarey 14 years ago
Hi there, folks Has anybody here had any experience with using Screen Spanning Doctor on a 14" iBook G4 (1.33 GhZ) with Final Cut Pro to attain larger resolutions on external monitors I understand it
Re: Screen Spanning Doctor
by Simon Carlson-Thies 14 years ago
I personally wouldn't do it, due to the fact that there is a distinct possibility that you'll damage your computer... It may effect fcp if it splits your video ram, esp. if you do RT and HD stuff, in
lost footage need emergency help
by Zander 14 years ago
ok, so here's the deal earlier today, i was capturing and finalcut found a timecode brake, so it stalled out and aborted the capture, the footage going up to the eddit was then recorded over (do to la
Re: lost footage need emergency help
by Kyle Rarey 14 years ago
Don't be so upset! It's good practical experience. You can take something away from it :-p
Jump Drive (OT)
by Michael Allen 14 years ago
Can I use a jump drive between a Mac and PC with no problem.
Re: Jump Drive (OT)
by Kyle Rarey 14 years ago
Just thought I would add.. Mac OS X will read and write to FAT 16 and FAT 32, and can only read from, but not write to NTFS volumes. It would be best to format it on the Windows PC, doing a full (not
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