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FCP Won't recognize HVX200 as deck
by Kyle Joyce 8 years ago
Hi, I feel ridiculous here, but I am losing it. I have footage on a miniDV tape that I am trying desperately to digitize. It was shot on SOny Z5U, with recording settings at 1080i30P. I am now trying
Re: FCP Won't recognize HVX200 as deck
by Mikey Bouchereau 8 years ago
HVX200 the tape deck is only for DV not HDV that the z5u shot in. You need an HDV camera (Not JVC's 720 HDV format) but either a canon or a sony HDV camera to play back that tape. Once you get an HDV
Deleting files from Scratch Disk
by Kyle Joyce 9 years ago
Hi, First time post here. So I am editing a ton of footage off an external hard drive. I recently switched my scratch disk to the external, as my HD on my desktop was running low. After a couple hours
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