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BEST MOUSE TO USE FOR EDITING with Macbook pro laptop (track pad is breaking my neck!)
by Karen Yarosky 2 months ago
Any suggestions out there on what to equip myself with for editing on a Laptop so I don't permanently disfigure my neck and end up with tennis elbow for the rest of my life I am assuming a mouse (vs t
Re: BEST MOUSE TO USE FOR EDITING with Macbook pro laptop (track pad is breaking my neck!)
by Dave LaRonde 2 months ago
I like the kind of mouse with two buttons and the finger wheel in the middle. Hard-wired to the machine -- less chance of failure. Your instincts for self-preservation are laudable, but in truth I've
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Project File Size Limit?
by Eric Merklein 2 years ago
Is there a project file size limit in Premiere Pro I have a project that's about 6 megs, and I'm not sure if there is a point when Premiere Pro starts to shudder. 6 megs isn't tat big, but ya never kn
Re: Project File Size Limit?
by Kulpreet Singh 2 years ago
There is no limit for the project file size. -K
Error compiling movie
by Bella Gavelin 2 years ago
Hello friends! I am working on a feature and there is this one clip that is giving me trouble. It's just an ordinary .r3d that has the same kind of naming and is in the same location as the others. I
Re: Error compiling movie
by Kulpreet Singh 2 years ago
"Error while compiling" is a Generic error. There could be any: harware workflow media effects ... Have you tried these troubleshooting steps https: helpx.adobe.com premiere-pro kb error-compiling-mov
Dialog Box in Corner
by Alan Michnoff 2 years ago
Howdy! I'm having an issue with dialog boxes appearing in the top left corner of my monitor. I used to be able to move the box and the new placement would stay the same, but even after I move the box
Re: Dialog Box in Corner
by Kulpreet Singh 2 years ago
I would suggest you to update the video display drivers, reboot, and test. Thanks, KS
Audio missing
by Joseph Freeman III 3 years ago
I began an new project (CC 2015.4) using mp4 4k footage with no problems. For a title sequence I created it in After Effects and did a test render, which was good. I imported the AE project into PP an
Re: Audio missing
by Kulpreet Singh 3 years ago
My first thought would be cleaning up the media cache files: https: forums.adobe.com thread 2152942 Thanks, KS
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