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z5 CF card footage import
by Will Granzier 7 years ago
Hi All Anyone have any issues importing AVI or DV footage off a Z5 into FCP x... It refuses to see any of the file structures... Tells u its invalid... Yet FCP 7 does it no problems. I am trying to av
Re: z5 CF card footage import
by Kirt Parshad 7 years ago
Hi Will You can use FCP 7 to ingest the clips, this is what I am doing at the moment. You can then import them into FCP x, They will be seated in your scratch disk that you have assigned in FCP 7. In
Matrox mini with max technology
by Kirt Parshad 10 years ago
I have recently purchased a mini max and I would like to know if anybody else is experiencing an issue with the input outputs becoming in-operative when using the Max to compress H264 content using co
Re: Matrox mini with max technology
by Bassel - Matrox Video Products Group 10 years ago
Thanks Andy for your valuable feedback...Much appreciated... And thank you Kirt for your continued support and interest in Matrox products...For your information; our UK Sales Offices have been notifi
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