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Currently in Rome Italy as an in-house editor for a worldwide non-profit organization. Edit documentaries and a monthly news program. Began in a tape to tape environment. Moved on to Avid Media Composer, Media 100, FCP til 7, now happily Adobe Premiere CC.
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April 30th 2005
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Rome, Italy
Re: Editing with GH4 4K in Premiere Pro CC. Workflow?
by walter biscardi 5 years ago
We haven't edited with the 1080 proxies, just the full 4k files from the GH4. I haven't found the proxy workflow necessary yet, even with a MacBook Air and a single USB3 drive. I turn the resolution i
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Re: LHe/MacPro Conflict
by Scott Skaja 11 years ago
The conclusion I came away with from this thread and talking with other editors and technicians, is in System Preferences Energy Saver Sleep, set the "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for
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