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Espen Fyksen
Problem Importing .mp4 into Final Cut Pro
by Shane McGee 11 years ago
im having trouble importing a .mp4 i ripped off a dvd my friend gave me of him playing lacrosse. i plan to make a highlight reel of him to send to colleges. basically i guess im looking to figure out
Re: Problem Importing .mp4 into Final Cut Pro
by emily henry 8 years ago
As we know, Final Cut Pro is a non-linear and non-destructive editing software application, it can only import non-destructive video format including DV, HDV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM, and 2K film for
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Kim Brarud 7 years ago
This is probably outdated, but I just discovered that the newest iStopMotion update expanded their supportive camera list. This is great, because I love to make stopmotion, and what better to make stopmotion with EOS?! ^^
by Giuliano Bausano 7 years ago
hi everyone, i wonder why FCP sometimes don't want to slow the speed of my clip as i want... it set speed to more less then 22,3% or other similar close to 20% values.. anyway, if i can slow it, i oft
Re: slow-mo??
by Dave LaRonde 7 years ago
It's all about frame rates. If you shoot real-live motion picture film at 60fps, then play it back at 24fps, it will be 2 1 2 times slower. If you process this film digitally to reconstruct a new fram
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