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Keyframing hundreds of images
by Kevin Sawicki 6 years ago
Hello Creative Cows, I have collected over 1000 pictures of my co-workers and would like to make a collage in the shape of a christmas tree. I've been following this tutorial: http: W4l1-Lbim
Re: Keyframing hundreds of images
by Bosco Mattel 6 years ago
Animate it backwards ;) form the shape in the laste keyframe and in the fist randomply move all layers one by one
Overhead shot
by Ryan Bollinger 10 years ago
I'm a film student with limited resources and very little equipment and I was wondering if anyone knew a relatively easy way to get an overhead shot for a short film where the camera is directly over
Re: Overhead shot
by Kevin Sawicki 9 years ago
I was looking for any info online to make something similar to this, but didn't really come across anything. So, this is what I came up with. Check my blog at http: journal in the nea
Error message "Null Pict Handle"
by Oliver Peters 12 years ago
I am frequently getting an error message labeled "null pict handle" followed by an ID address number. There will be several error messages in a row with ascending address numbers that I have to click
Re: Error message "Null Pict Handle"
by Kevin Sawicki 10 years ago
Its Magic Bullet. Do this. http: support installation uninstalling Then restart. Took me 5 hours of snooping through my computer to find out what the issue was.
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