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Trouble with picture quality
by Ed Ng 9 years ago
Hello everyone, I am very new to FCP and using the HPX170 but I just completed a video and the quality is very poor. These were the basic settings of the HPX and FCP workflow. HPX was set at 1080P30 w
Re: Trouble with picture quality
by Kevin Randall 9 years ago
Pixel shift is not the same as uprezzing; they are two entirely different things. The HPX170 takes the image off the CCD block as analog data, and it is quantized at 1080; all processing is done at 10
A Better Progressive Look
by Tim Langston 9 years ago
Just a quick question, is there a different look (better look) to 24p or 30p when going up in price say with a more expensive camera Thanks, Tim Tim Langston Cryin' Out Loud Productions Fort Wayne, IN
Re: A Better Progressive Look
by Kevin Randall 9 years ago
Are you sure that progressive is what you're really looking for What shows on HGTV are you thinking of Although I have very rarely watched anything on that network, I have a feeling that most of the p
1080p on hvx200?
by Hans Martin Hanken 9 years ago
Hi! I'm new to filming, and could use some advice. I am filming with a panasonic hvx200 cam. My problem is that I can only find these rec formats in the menu: 1080 i 50i, 1080 i 25p, 720p 50p, 720p 25
Re: 1080p on hvx200?
by Kevin Randall 9 years ago
1080 and 720 will both give the same "look". The only difference in the resulting image is resolution. You will get higher resolution in the 1080 image. If the higher resolution is not necessary, you
by Justin Mills 9 years ago
Ok so apparently the HPX170 and HVX200a don't shoot in 1080p 60p or even 1080p 24p as it seemed from previous descriptions. So according to the brochure the 1080p progressive is the initial scan signa
Re: HPX170-HVX200a
by Kevin Randall 9 years ago
It's called 1080i 30p because it is 30fps Progressive recorded in an interlaced stream. DVCPRO HD is an interlaced only format in 1080, recording interlaced streams of 60 fields per second; there is n
advice on 720 vs 1080
by Nelson May 10 years ago
I am going to be shooting a documentary this summer on a subject that will have a lot of eye candy. I doubt this will go to film or even blue ray DVD, but just in case, I want to have the best resolut
Re: advice on 720 vs 1080
by Kevin Randall 10 years ago
Misinformation about the so-called "native format" of the HVX200 is constantly being given. Dan Brockett had it right: 1080 will give you the highest resolution possible from the camera. That is the r
Confusion about Format choice with HVX-200
by Tobias Lindner 10 years ago
Dear Colleagues, I am not sure if this has been discussed at length, however, I am a bit confused. I will be shooting a documentary with the HVX-200. Now, I am a bit confused about what format to use.
Re: Confusion about Format choice with HVX-200
by Kevin Randall 10 years ago
Please resist repeating the misinformation about the resolution of the images created recorded by the HVX200. *Everything* output by the camera begins as a 1920 x 1080 progressive image. Doesn't matte
Shooting Greenscreen with HVX200
by brandan dennehy 11 years ago
I am shooting a music video next month and I will be using an HVX for the first time. We are using a 35mm adapter and Nikon lenses. I am well aware of lighting and subject placement when shooting on a
Re: Shooting Greenscreen with HVX200
by Kevin Randall 11 years ago
Vince Becquiot said: "Some have argued about the benefits of 1080 over 720. I tried both and I can't see much of a difference. In fact the pixel shifting may hurt you on the edges in the end (that one
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