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Adobe After Effects
Interview Suggestions
by Kevin Herrin 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm in pre-production for a docu and I'd like to break out of my mold for interviews(subject, backdrop, 4 light set up). I have been sticking to the standard techniques and I'm looking for int
Re: Interview Suggestions
by Emre Tufekci S.O.A. 10 years ago
Here is a project I just completed for the Navy. For the interviews we used 35mm adapters for shalow DOF and used a second camera to dolly around the subjects. Simple trick but looked nice. There are
Quadro Graphics Cards
by Kevin Herrin 10 years ago
I'm building a new machine soon and I'm wondering if it's worth getting a Nivdia Quadro card. I was looking on Adobe's site, checking on supported cards for Premiere and it seems that most of the card
Re: Quadro Graphics Cards
by Andrew Ford 10 years ago
There are very limited situations where one actually "needs" the new Quadro card when considering the whole price to performance issue. The 200 series has more than sufficient cards for anything most
Interviewing Couples
by Kevin Herrin 11 years ago
Hi all, I've shot a bunch of interview shots in the last couple of years, but most of those were single shots. I have shot a couple of interviews with couples that didn't turn out that well. Namely I
Re: Interviewing Couples
by Kevin Herrin 11 years ago
Great discussion. It's helped me think through what I'm going to do. I can see that in most situations you wouldn't want to shoot doubles. My project is a geared towards people who have a marriage on
Drifting Out of Sync
by Kevin Herrin 12 years ago
I have a rather large project where I am capturing old VHS(I know) tape to DVD. I am using a RCA to DV converter to capture into PP2. The problem the audio is getting out of sync. I have tried to capt
Re: Drifting Out of Sync
by Kevin Herrin 12 years ago
I wondered if that might be it, though I don't see the drift in the capture window. I have a TVOne DV 2001. It is a few years old. thanks Kevin
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