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Mobile Shared Storage Options
by Josh Kurz 7 years ago
Hey Everyone, I'm working on a project that will require editing on the road. We'll be using Premiere and there will be at least two people working with the same footage at the same time (Editor and A
Re: Mobile Shared Storage Options
by Kevan O'Brien 7 years ago
Josh, You really need a dedicated shared storage and project environment to make your job work efficiently in the manner you describe with at least two clients. Project sharing and media sharing at a
Kevan O'Brien 7 years ago
FCP RED wokflows for feature films.

I must say I've conformed projects in Premiere Pro using native R3D files but now involved in a project using FCP7.

I came "late to the party" where editing had started on transcodes from R3D to prores had already been done. I'm not editing but trying supervise the final conform, from what i can see the project has been broken down into reels for ease of editing and final assembly.

My questions are :

1) I can export an XML of a sequence from FCP into REDCine X and everything links fine but I loose my speed changes and cropping information. Am I doing something wrong?

2) They are re-shooting some scenes, and I best to create the Quicktime files for FCP from REDCine X?

3) The finishing house who is doing the final conform and grade for free is an Avid house, am I best to just give them DPX sequences of the FCP sequences and string them together there for grading or is there some "voodoo" I can do to get the sequence info into Avid and relink and conform from there?

4) What was the traditional FCP workflow as I can't find the initial white paper?

Please don't flame me for asking such stupid questions but it's doing my head in.
XML Import of nested FCP sequence leads to no sound on PPro timeline
by Kevan O'Brien 7 years ago
Importing an FCP 7 XML (tried flavors 4 & 5) into PPro. FCP project has a simple nested sequence with one stereo audio track. Nested sequence imports, audio wave form seen in timeline and can play the
Re: XML Import of nested FCP sequence leads to no sound on PPro timeline
by Kevan O'Brien 7 years ago
Dennis, But as I said put a fake audio keyframe at the beginning, say just at 0db and the nested sequence plays fine. A work around that has got what I needed done. Thought I'd share with anyone inter
Looking for Motion Graphics Artists who use Boris FX Plugins
by Kevan O'Brien 7 years ago
Could any Motion Graphics artists using Boris FX plugins please contact me directly off thread at Thank you Kevan O'Brien Senior Product Marketing Manager Boris FX
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