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Backup Software Recommendations
by Kenton Olson 7 years ago
We are looking at improving our archiving backup strategy. We are looking at adding a 24TB Thunderbolt Raid to Each workstation, but having the data on those devices backed up to NAS (Synology DS2413+
HMX100 & HS50 into Mac Pro
by Kenton Olson 10 years ago
Greetings all. I am getting ready to purchase either the Panasonic HMX100 or Panasonic HS50 (depending on approved budget) for some live soccer events we will be producing and have a question about th
Re: HMX100 & HS50 into Mac Pro
by Walter Soyka 10 years ago
Kenton Olson "I... have a question about the best way to get the SDI signal into our Mac Pro encoder for live web streaming." Does your encoder only support Firewire, or does it allow you to use vide
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