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Kent Stipp

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April 11th 2007
89 Posts
Maryland & The World
Technical Information:
System Details:
Mac Pro 2.66
x1900 Video card 16 gig ram
Kona LhE
Mac Book Pro 2.6 4 gig ram
Home Theater:
suffice to say more than my vehicle is worth.
Home Studio Musical Gear:
Pro Tools HD2 system, FCS
multiple guitars ,keyboards and such.
Personal Information:
Roadracing (not nascar) Editing, Being outside Mountian climbing,rock climbing Backpacking
Favorite Bands / Musicians:
RUSH, YES, Jethro Tull, Michael Schenker, Phil Keaggy
Favorite Movies:
Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars (the orignal trilogy) any and all climbing movies
Favorite TV Shows:
West Wing, Mash,Wheeler Dealers
Comments and Things Worth Noting:
Life Begins at 155mph, your in my way because?
If i did not break the rules of Mother nature and gravity, I do not believe I broke the law.
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